10 Sweet Ways a Godly Wife Can Show Her Husband Love

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Are you looking for the spark to make your marriage lively again? Why not try these 10 tips for couples.

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It was the middle of the morning frenzy. You know, those crucial moments when you’re trying to pack the gym bag, collect the dress clothes, unearth the laptop, and still leave home on time.This particular morning things were less than smooth. We usually take turns having this kind of morning, and today it was my husband’s turn.
So I asked him, “What can I do?”
“Find my brown shoes.”A simple thing, but I know all too well the frantic feeling. So I found the shoes, and then made him a sandwich for lunch.
Isn’t that what love is about? Giving bits of grace in everyday life. Here are 10 little ways a godly wife can give some extra grace and show her husband he’s loved.
1. Brag on him 
We’ve all known the women who can’t stop complaining about their husbands. Next time you’re out with friends, brag on your hubby a little. Find something you’re grateful for and share it. Slip in a good story about him.Not only will it build him up to others, it will solidify the story in your mind that your husband is brag worthy. Being a wife he can trust to build him up to others shows your husband he’s loved. (Philippians 4:8)

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