11 Types Of Serious Mind Games A Guy Is Playing With You

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Have you ever been so confused about a guy?

He chased you, you liked him then you got into “his box” and since then it’s just been a roller coaster of emotions filled with a lot of tears and occasional laughter. He has you wrapped around his little finger and you don’t even know where to start. You know all the signs and you refuse to face the reality that he might just be playing a very sick game with you. Your mind is his battlefield – his video game and you entertain the hell out of him.

Here are signs that a guy is playing serious mind games with you:

1. He goes MIA on you and you wonder what you did.

Seriously, this kind of guy just goes silent and you know he will. The problem is that when you are with him, he is the most amazing man you have ever met and the next he disappears and comes back as he pleases. Problem is, you let him do that to you every time.




2. One minute you were all okay the next he has mood swings.

You wonder where the hell did those moods come from? It gets too confusing because he seems to be impulsive but sometimes he is doing that to guilt trip you or play with your sensitive emotions.

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