12 Signs to Recognize True Love When You Feel It-Fact Don’t Lie

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what is love

You may be dating someone and one day they say they love you. Those are pretty significant words, but do you love them back? What is love exactly?

Just when you thought getting past the first date was stressful enough, you go through the whole “I love you” phase. Of course, it’s exciting. Your heart pumps, the butterflies flutter around in your tummy, but is this true love? What is love exactly?

I remember telling my first boyfriend that I loved him. I felt the butterflies in my tummy, but in my heart, I didn’t feel it. Naturally, the relationship didn’t last, but it wasn’t easy trying to accept and also figure what love is and isn’t.

What is love?

If you’re at crossroads where you try to figure out how you feel, you may ask yourself, what is love? I ask myself that question every time I’m in a relationship. Do I love this person and do they genuinely love me? How do I know? This isn’t easy.

Sometimes, we fall in love with the idea of someone or love someone who we think is a certain way but really isn’t. So, it’s not that easy of a question to answer especially when two people are involved.

#1 You can’t control it. If you think love is something you choose, you’re wrong. Love is actually an uncontrollable feeling. Neuroscientist Gabija Toleikyte told the Wired that these feelings reach deep into our subconscious. If you think this feeling is created in the moment, your brain has been processing this already in advance.

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#2 It’s linked to biology. Well, here is where the whole idea of love becomes unromantic. Biologically, the feeling of love allows human beings to focus on one person for mating purposes. Essentially, this gives humans enough time to bond, make a baby, and nurture the child. I know you probably thought it’s about finding your soulmate. But actually, it’s about keeping the species alive.

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