Top 5 Most Paid Female Celebrities In South Africa

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We see celebrities driving nice cars , living the high life and purchasing goods  of us go as far as to dream of.You all often wonder how much they making, well let us try and feed in in your curiosity . Females are making waves in the industry.

Most  of those who get paid a lot are involved in different parts of media be it Modelling, Presenting, Advertising a certain brand , Being on Radio or Television. It’s obvious in the media world there are no limitation you only go as far as you willing.

Giving you exact figures of what they earn would be nothing but a guess even though their salaries have been speculated looking at what they do.

Women who are said to be the most paid according to their recent gigs are the examples of

5.Pearl Thusi

Lastly, Pearl Thusi who receives her checks in dollars earns an estimated $2000 which when converted to rands would make her one of the most paid female celebrity in South Africa.

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