Woman Interrupts Church Service And Accuses The Married Pastor Of Sleeping With Her Daughter (Video)

woman interrupts church service

There’s a scandal brewing in the small town of Prentiss, Mississippi.

The pastor of the Word Fellowship Church, Pastor Walker has been reportedly accused of some really ‘SCANDALOUS THINGS’ by a member of his church.

woman interrupts church service

While in the middle of Sunday Service, a woman stood up in the pews and started making SHOCKING allegations that the pastor was sleeping with her daughter.

According to the woman, the Pastor was sleeping with her young daughter, and the pastor called the Police on the daughter after she confronted the pastor about him having a SECOND jumpoff.

The Pastor’s WIFE was in the pews while all this was going on.

After she was done saying her piece, she left and the pastor continued preaching but some church members were amused by the whole thing and the woman recording the incident is seen trying not to laugh.

Watch the Video:

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