10 things you should not do when you are on your period – #5 and #8 are the worst

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Periods are one thing ladies hardly ever look forward to. They are discomforting and can be annoying. Everybody knows you need to extra care of your body but there are still things you may need to stop doing to make this time of the month a bit bearable.

Here are things you should NOT do on your period.

Forget Your Period Date

Always be prepared for your periods. Have your pads and tampons available in advance. Happily live through this period of the month and doing things that make you happy.

Be Aggressive

If you feel grouchy, like some ladies do instead of yelling unnecessarily or being mean. Simply talk to your partner or family about it. You could also take a walk or read a book. Spend some time checking out ways you can improve yourself, your health, and your lifestyle. In fact, having your period is the best excuse available to spend time thinking about your life and how you can make things better, not worse.

Eat Too Much Junk

Some ladies use their periods as an excuse to eat a lot of junk in a bid to feel good and be calm. It is good to spoil yourself but keep it down a notch. Make yourself smoothies using fresh fruit, berries, and coconut milk yogurt. Satisfy your sweet tooth with organic fruit leathers. They are sweeter, tastier, and healthier than candy.

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