17 Signs You’re Just With Your Boyfriend Because He’s Convenient

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Let’s be honest, women take a lot of BS from men.

Unfortunately, when it is not about love anymore and you’re still staying with a guy it means you’re staying with the guy because of convenience. This is the time your friends ask you why are you still with him but deep down inside you know it is about what he can give you and it is absolutely unhealthy and unnecessary. But sometimes you may not know why you’re stuck on someone and these are the signs that it is just for convenience.

1. You only like him because he has Wi-Fi in his house.

Because your phone software needs an update and heck data is expensive or too slow. You are one of those who say hi then ask for the Wi-Fi password. It even gets better when your own bae has Wi-Fi because you need to download that new app.

 wifi meme



2. He can always buy alcohol for you especially the expensive kind.

You are all about the Jack Daniels and nothing less so you would rather stay with this good for nothing guy because he can support your expensive lifestyle in the club.

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