5 Unconscious Habits That Can Hinder You From Getting Married

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Marriage is one of the most important decisions everyone has to make in life and according to research, there are some harmless habits that can prevent people from getting married which is why at times, beautiful/handsome, intelligent and highly successful are often lonely and can’t find true love.

At times, one’s inability to find a life partner lies within one, it might be something within your subconsciousness that make people walk away from commitment with you. Here are 5 unconscious habits that make people walk away from you:

They’re afraid of reality: People who’re afraid of reality will never get married if they do nothing to overcome this fear, it’s been proven that every human being is afraid of reality to a varying degree and it’s absolutely normal, because fear is a natural response to danger but when these fears and deep-seated phobias take over, people become unable to take risks and responsibilities”.



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