7 Signs You’re Trapped in a Troubled Relationship

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7 Signs You're Trapped in a Troubled Relationship

Does something feel a little off about your current relationship? We’ve got the 7 sure signs that you may be trapping yourself in a troubled union! By Minot Pettinato-Little

People have a natural inclination to partner up, whether it’s for procreation, sexual recreation or you’re just looking for that special life-long someone.

If you find yourself single for a long period of time, it starts to feel like you’d do anything to have a relationship. Suddenly anyone seems like they can offer dating potential, but only because you’re lonely. So what happens when you meet your match, and instead of sharing nights out and post-coital bliss, your happily-ever-after becomes happily-never-after?

Why do people feel trapped  and troubled in their own relationships?

There are many reasons to feel troubled in a relationship. Some are innocent and a part of human nature, while some are harmful to one’s wellbeing. The key to addressing an unhappy relationship is a 1-2-step:

#1 Assess your situation from both sides. Are you doing something that could be holding both of you back from a ridiculously happy life together? Are you really unhappy, or are you simply suffering from that 1-year-boredom-blues that happens in serious relationships?

#2Talk it out with your partner. Listen to their needs, explain yours, and give an honest go of making your relationship a success. And if it isn’t working, then you need to step out of your toxic environment and break it off officially and completely.

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