A New Beginning Episode 7 -11

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N:B We are so sorry for the long break, it was due to some unforeseen circumstances….Thanks for your patience


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Victor and his friends took Nina to an uncompleted building, his intentions was to rape her . “since she don’t want to submit to him willing, she will Submit by force” that was victor’s thought.

They laid her on the floor, she was screaming, fighting with them but they were stronger than her, 3 hefty guys against a slim lady, what can she do?.

Victor friends held her hands and leg strongly making it difficult for her to move, Victor roughly lifted her gown up while and pant came to view, she tried to struggle but all went to no avail, only her voice could save her, she scream while Victor quickly landed a heavy slap at her face making her to close her mouth, he shifted her pant to the left direction and brought out his rod, he quickly insert it without any lubrication making it a tight penetration hurting Nina in the process. “ahhhhh” Nina screamed in pain. Victor was moving fast while Nina was screaming as the pain became unbearable, She suddenly began to beg him, Victor and his friends bursted into laughter. “when you dey shakara you no know abi” that was victor’s replied

“yesaaa !!!!!!!!!” Victor scream as he released his seed on her. While his friends decided to have their turn due watching Victor had turn them on.. About 30 minutes later they were all done. They left Nina on the floor totally debilitated, she was wailing bitterly. She stood up went home, some part of her gown were filled with Victor and his friends spam.

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“Victor must surely pay for this “she cried inwardly but who could she tell, she can’t tell her parents, her dad was never around while her and her mum were not even close. She can’t even tell Roy because she thought it will halted their relationship seeing her as a rape victim, she can’t bear the stigma.

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