Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Complete Season 9 episode 13-15

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Episode 13

The wedding day came on that good Saturday. My family and I had a vigil overnight a day before, praying for God to make the wedding trouble free and problem free. After the vigil, I couldn’t sleep at all as I continued to check the time over and over again. When it was seven o’clock in the morning, I woke up and had my bath, my family and the few people that came with them also woke up to prepare for the event. My friend Segun was my stylist that day as he helped me in doing a little make-up on my face as well as making sure that the suit looks fitted on me and he put on his own suit afterwards. I had chattered two 18- seater buses the previous day to convey people from my place to the event and the driver of the buses arrived very early in the morning.

Everything was set, Segun drove my family and I with the Honda car I got from Betty while other people including the well-wishers from the neighborhood joined the two buses and I was surprised that it was filled to the brim. We arrived at the registry and there were five weddings to be conducted before ours, we had to wait for another three hours for our turn. While waiting, we saw the pathfinder Jeep that Betty brought the previous day, Bimpe’s Hyundai jeep and one other jeep coming into the premises of the registry, I was marveled when my Betty came down wearing a nice wedding dress, I can’t help but to run towards her and hug her.

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