How Girls Act When They Want To Have S3x With Guys (Pictures)

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Girls can also go to any length when they want to have sex with guys just that they devise the craftiest means to achieve this. 


How girls ask for s3x… 

White girl: kisses u deeply and whispers to ur ear…. “Let’s do it”

Naija girls: Mc.Brooklyn, I will soon go oo…

Below are some memes that depict how clever girls can be in achieving this

1. Before she arrives at your place, she calls asking if you’re the only one at home so as to know if there would be no distraction

2. When you tell her you’re the only one at home and that all your siblings have gone out. She will smile

3. The speed at which she runs to your place but when she gets to your compound, she will slow down so that you will not notice she has been running

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