Is She Playing Hard to Get? 10 Big Signs She Wants You to Go Away

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 is she playing hard to get

Is she playing hard to get, or is she just totally not into you at all? If you see these ten signs, it isn’t hard to get, it is get away!

You know when you used to tell your mom that someone made fun of you on the playground, and she would say things like “They’re just jealous of you.” Sometimes when someone says “She’s just playing hard to get,” they just placate you. So, when you wonder, is she playing hard to get, ask the right person. You could receive some bad advice.

Here is the good news, I don’t know you. So, it isn’t my job to hand hold or tell you that it is all going to be all right. It isn’t that I ever want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I don’t have an obligation to tell you what you want to hear. If you want to know if she’s playing hard to get, the signs are pretty obvious.

Is she playing hard to get? The signs you need to know

Are you confused by a girl’s behavior towards you? Is she playing hard to get? Or is she just taking her time to get to know you better? So, I am going to give it to you straight. These are the ten signs that say she isn’t playing you.  She just doesn’t want to play with you, period.

#1 Never answers you at all. There are specific dating rules about when you text someone and how often so that you don’t come across as needy. But, if you text her and get no response at all, that isn’t playing hard to get. That sends you a message that she isn’t interested.

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What if she takes her sweet time getting back to you? It depends on her answers. If she waits a week and gives you one-word answers, that is her guilty conscience talking. She doesn’t want to hurt you but also doesn’t want to lead you on. If she answers with a lot to say, then she is probably making you work for it. Big difference.

#2 She tells you she isn’t ready for a commitment. Often, when we like someone, we think that their words aren’t their true intentions. If she tells you she isn’t ready for a commitment and follows through with it by going out with other guys or making you one of her many, then she isn’t playing hard to get. She is playing around.

If you think one day she will wake up and be all yours, you live in a fantasy world. A girl who can’t make up her mind isn’t doing anything but playing games with everyone and not worthy of your time. So, if she messes around with other people that isn’t playing hard to get. That just sucks, and you should say adios.

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