Reception Dresses For Inspiring Brides (Photos)

These days, one dress is not always enough for weddings, ladies now wear a minimum of two dresses for their special day. A second dress is a great way to have a more informal dress for your reception, a different reception dress not only gives you the chance to enjoy a night of dancing and dining but also gives you the ability to show off a different look.










Obviously, reception dresses have come to stay, it has become more popular among brides as many continue to opt for a separate dress to wear after church, while some do it for comfort, as their wedding dress may not allow for vigorous dancing or movement, others decide on it for their love for fashion. A reception dress doesn’t need to be short; long dresses work just as well, the good thing about reception dresses is that one can opt for any colour, from the darkest to the lightest of shades, there is no rule in this game; some even decide to break the norm and do jumpsuits instead of dresses.

These dresses below though were not necessarily worn by brides, but they are a compilation ideas that may suitable for bride’s second dresses. Be inspired.


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