Shameless Married Woman and Her Lover Caught Pants Down as Husband Delivers Street Justice (Photos/Video)

A typical ‘wife gets busted with lover’ scenario ended in blood and humiliation after the wife’s husband severely attacked and assaulted her lover.

The married woman and her lover busted
A man who reportedly busted his own wife and her lover in their matrimonial home, has severely assaulted the shameless lovers which ended in blood and humiliation and to add further insult to their injuries, the angry husband went further by recording a video of the two and shared it online for all to see.
In a video footage obtained and posted online by H-Metro, shows the guilty parties sitting on the ‘crime scene’ which happens to be the bed on which they were caught consummating their love.
The woman whom we learn is called ‘Mai Lissy’ was seen being interrogated by an unseen man, supposedly her husband while her lover sits on the bed with a bloodied face and torn clothes proving he received a severe beating.
It was gathered, Mai Lissy was in the habit of liaising with her lover during her husband’s absence. The couple lives on a farm where the husband is a laborer who works for long hours.
The affair had been going on for quite some time until neighbors alerted the man about his wife’s cheating shenanigans.
He set a trap for the two and walked in on them while they were in the couple’s bedroom where a fight ensued resulting in ransacking of the house property. Mai Lissy’s lover got beaten within an inch of his life and was forced to sit beside her while her husband recorded a video in a bid to humiliate the two.
Neighbors can also be heard in the background demanding that Mai Lissy answer to her case while one sympathetic man can be heard asking the husband to give her a break.
As expected, both parties said nothing fearing that any utterances would further incense the furious husband and the supporting audience who were serving as witnesses.
You can watch the video below;

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: Man returns home to meet his own wife & her lover in their matrimonial home in a scenario which ended in blood & humiliation

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