So Funny: Little Boy Disrupts Couple’s Wedding Picture

A young lad pulled what was close to an Olajumoke Orisaguna (Nigerian supermodel) stunt during a wedding photoshoot in an undisclosed part of Nigeria.

The unnamed boy disrupting the photoshoot
This little and super active boy ran in front of the camera at a wedding reception whilst the photographer was about to take a group picture of couples with their friends.
He courageously took charge and stole the show not withstanding the comments, laughter and shouts from those around, his actions instead added more fun to the event as it can be visibly seen from the faces of those behind him – couples and friends.
The photographer had no choice but to take this boy’s photo. The boy looks so handsome and confident in this shoot even with his comic appearance.
Miss Northeast Nigeria, Blessing Akor Peters added in her post “Never look down on anyone no matter how rough they may look when they’re trying to achieve a goal.”

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