Story – Adebimpe Facebook Girl – Season 9 Episode 6 and 7

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………After Segun’s call.

I dropped my phone on my bed and started sobbing again with thoughts of death running through my mind.
“Won’t I eventually die when I tell Segun about the oath?”
“Betty will now marry another guy after my burial”
“Adebimpe will now be free and flexing”
“Or should I lie to Segun and say something else?”
“Onihaxy, I think you are tired of lying?”
“What if all my secrets eventually burst out into the open?”
“Won’t that even be worse than death?”
“I wish I never took the oath in the first place”

I thought over and over again while sitting on my bed, my heart was heavily burdened with fear and thoughts of death to the extent that I began to imagine myself standing in front of the angels and awaiting judgement. I thought of leaving a farewell message for Betty but I don’t even know what to type. I was still lost in the thoughts of whether to pour out my mind to Segun and die, or keep the words inside of me and live, Segun called my line again but I didn’t pick up.
After the third call from Segun which I didn’t pick up, he sent me a text message.

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