True Facts about Don Jazzy and Linda Ikeji’s Supposed Romance (PHOTOS/VIDEO)


Linda Ikeji and Don Jazzy

We often find out about celebrities’ love affairs and gossip from Linda Ikeji blog. But what about the private life of this famous woman? After all, she is so beautiful, successful, and talented. It’s just impossible not to fall in love with such a lady. The last few months her fans and blog audience have been discussing an interesting question: are Linda Ikeji and Don Jazzy dating?


Don Jazzy girlfriend

There’s hardly anyone in this country who do not know who is Linda Ikeji. Her career developed very rapidly and made her one of the wealthiest bloggers in Africa. Don Jazzy is also a successful figure in show business. He is a top producer and founder of the music label, Mavin Records.

These couple are worthy of each other. People that have the same level of success are more likely to have a great relationship.

Are Linda Ikeji and Don Jazzy dating?

Don Jazzy and Linda Ikeji together: true or false?

Both of them are among the most talked about singles. It’s not surprising that the public is trying to force them to get married. However, most rumours about them being together have been based on unconfirmed reports. All that is known is that Don Jazzy invited the beautiful blogger to act in a film based on a script he wrote. Perhaps he was inspired by the example of Banky W, who got closer to his lover while on set.

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Linda Ikeji


Don Jazzy

At the beginning of the year, Linda said that she needs a reliable man with whom it’s possible to build a serious relationship. In addition, Don Jazzy hinted at his warm feelings to Linda back in 2014. At the time, there were also rumours that they were dating.

A friend of the Don, Hero Daniels, also joked that they went to Linda’s office to ask for her hand in marriage. Of course, fans really liked this idea and began to spread the story.

Hero Daniels joke

At the same time, we must not lose sight of certain facts that might reduce the chances of the possibility of this relationship.

When it comes to the issue of Linda Ikeji boyfriend, there is a possibility that someone is already in her life. It was reported that she could be getting married even by the end of this year. This significantly reduces the Don’s chances of success. Well, on the other hand, for fans of the blogger this is still good news. If this is really true, we will still be happy for her. Let’s hope we learn more about this mysterious person soon.

If there really was an attraction between Linda and Don, they would have definitely gotten closer. Gossip about them has been going on for several years, and they are all based by insignificant hints. There is a high probability that, in fact, there is no chemistry between the two, and fans unite them in their imagination because they like Don Jazzy and Linda Ikeji will look perfect together.

While this might not be a serious obstacles, many fans believe that Don Jazzy girlfriend should be quiet, homely and flexible, and not as busy and independent as Linda. Two social persons rarely have time to build relationships. Perhaps each of them needs a lover who will devote considerable time to support rather to the relationship than to own businesses. Linda is no less busy than Don. Not all men like it when their women are independent and prosperous.


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Linda Ikeji and Don Jazzy

However, none of the above-mentioned guesses can be for sure. The story is full of mysteries. These man and woman are of about the same age, clearly very friendly with each other, and seem to enjoy setting fire to the gossip flames. Only time will tell what will come of it. We wish them both good luck individually and as a couple if that’s ever confirmed!


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