Two ladies showed up unannounced at their boyfriend’s house and this happened (Must See)

All through last week, there was a trending topic on Nigerian Twitter. Can a boyfriend or girlfriend go to their partners house without calling or informing beforehand. There was various reactions trailing the trending topics with opinions in support and against flying about.

Well, a lady just posted that she witness the aftermath of it yesterday when her friend was visited by his two girlfriends without any previous announcement.

The initial Tweet read;

Girls that go to their Boyfriend’s house unannounced…. Hmmmm… That thing you’re looking for will soon find you”.

She replied…

“lol This happened to a friend of mine yesterday. One left crying, the other stayed for the knacks then broke up with him after”.

See screenshot below:

Well, what do you think? Should a lady go to her boyfriends house without without informing him previously?

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